a drop spreader to apply each layer. 4. Putting Greens: When installing Imperial Synthetic Turf putting greens, apply the recommended infill sand in layers, remember to always use a walk behind plate compactor to vibrate the sand into the dense base of the putting turf. Due to the dense pile of putting greens, brooming will not be as effective.

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SD Groen Nieuwland. Installer Artificial grass collection point. Breezijde 2, 4243 JM, Nieuwland. 0183-35 99 30.

Yard Spreaders for Fertilizer & Grass Seed

Add to Cart. Compare. 5009S. L Spreader Screen for L 80 lb. Spreaders. RETAIL PRICE. $104.89 / Each. Log in to see your price. In Stock at Alpharetta GA #172. QTY.

How To Sand Infill Your Artificial Grass | DIY

Step Two: Apply the Sand. Using a lawn fertiliser spreader or a leaf blower and a stiff brush, apply the sand to the LazyLawn ensuring even coverage. For the best results, we recommend brushing the pile before, during, and …

Lawn Drop Spreader | 3 cu. ft. Push Spreader | Earth & Turf

The 24D lawn drop spreader can spread materials with up to 30% moisture content. Baseball coaches use 24D to spread infield mix on their baselines and for spot repairs on the turf areas. Synthetic turf installers use the 24D to spread sand and crumbed rubber on putting greens and for doing finish work on larger sports fields.

Sports Turf Drop-Style Topdressers

The Mete-R-Matic® IV Topdresser provides the proven spread that Turfco is known for along with the efficiency of a full one-cubic meter hopper. It features our patented Chevron® belt to assure a uniform application of …

Installation Instructions

The drop spreader is used to evenly disperse sand infill into the turf fibers. Approximately 1.5 – 2.0 lbs per square feet of silica sand is recommended for standard installations. Fill your drop spreader with …

How To Put Sand On Artificial Grass? (13 Jaw-Dropping Facts)

One way is to simply pour it out onto the grass and then rake it in. Another way is to use a drop spreader or a rotary spreader. Whichever method you choose, you should be sure to spread the sand evenly over the entire surface of the grass. Once the silica sand is spread, you should water it well.

Dropspreaders & Synthetic Turf

This month, ASK JW will explain what type of drop spreader is recommended for landscape synthetic turf and how to use them. We will also explain many topics in previous columns that go hand in hand with using a drop spreader. For more information contact J.W. at askjw@sgwcorp or call 888.846.3598. To read …

Should You Use a Sand Infill For Artificial Grass? We Reveal the …

The short answer is yes. We certainly recommend that you use a silica sand infill on all types of artificial grass. Even though some 'non-infill' grasses have been developed in recent years, these basically just have a dense lower thatch, and it's still important to install a sand infill to your artificial lawn. Why?

Henko 900 Spreader Petrol

Our motorized sand spreader divides the sand and/or infill equally on the artificial turf and the chosen amount can be adjusted with the handle bar. Dividing sand and infill on the turf makes brushing more effective and efficient, ensuring high-quality results and moreover, faster installations. The Henko 900 Spreader has a capacity of 200 KG.

Sports Turf Drop-Style Topdressers

This machine is perfect for leveling fields, reducing thatch, and improving conditions for safer play, including on artificial turf. Equipped with eco-friendly patented ground drive system and Chevron belt, our award …

How to Install Artificial Grass | Turf Distributors

Proper turf infill will help to weigh down the turf and help to prevent unwanted voids, wrinkles, and matting in your synthetic turf. Use a drop spreader to evenly disperse the proper amount of infill. Step 7: The Final Groom ... Choosing the right infill – A quality infill like silica sand can help to maintain the performance and appearance ...

Large Top Dressers

Introducing the TurfTiger 4300 Our 7,500 lb. capacity top dresser is built tough to spread large loads of material, wet or dry, for fewer loads and fewer trips. With features like a self-aligning V-track system and dual hydraulic controls, you can get high volume top dressing done accurately and in less time. The Turf Tiger 4300 commercial top ...

Installing The Base for Artificial Grass | MegaGrass

Infill for artificial grass is also made of crushed rock. Don't put excessive sand on your installation area. Too much sand can cause dips when your artificial grass is installed. 2. Add sharp sand. Use a …

Self-Propelled Topdresser | MultiSpread 100SP

The MultiSpread™ 100SP is a self-propelled topdresser. The 100SP was designed and built with landscape contractors in mind. It can carry up to 10 cu. ft. of sand or other topdressing material. Its unique ability to handle …

SYNLawn 25-lb Green Artificial Grass Infill in the Paver Sand

Paver Sand. SYNLawn 25-lb Green Artificial Grass Infill. Item # 4663463 |. Model # INFIL-12/20-AC-25LB. Stepper number input field with increment and decrement buttons. Maximum Qty of 8. Overview. SYNLawn Artificial Grass Infill is used to help keep your artificial grass blades standing tall.

Ecolawn Top Dresser

With an Ecolawn Compost Spreader, you can topdress lawns and apply bulk materials (such as sand, compost and soil mixes) to lawns, sports turf, under row of crops, hedges, and even grape vines. These durable top dressers make effortless 90° and 180° turns around obstacles while trimming along sidewalks and flower beds.

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SMG Sportplatzmaschinenbau since 1975 – machines for synthetic sports surfaces and artificial turf. Start request ... Manual Spreader HS800 Manual Spreader - Filling Item number/s: 6400134. Manual topdresser for artifiical turf. Capacity 200 kg, working width 800 mm. Notepad more info

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Description. The Purchase Green Drop Spreader is a fantasic tool for contractors and homeowners looking for a convenient, effective solution for adding infill to artificial grass. The drop spreader features a 65 lb …


Applying artificial grass sand infill is very straightforward. Once the turf is properly installed, you will need to usetwo toolsto ensure an even sand infill distribution. 1. A drop spreader 2. A push broom You will use the drop spreader to install the infill between artificial grass blades. … See more

How to DIY Installation Guide Infill for the Best Artificial Turf

Learn everything you need to know about infill for the best artificial turf, a key element of DIY installation. Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 4:30PM Saturday: 9:00AM - 4:00PM ... we recommend renting a drop spreader (or a lawn fertilizer spreader). However, you can also use a leaf blower and stiff brush for the job. ... • Sand Turf Infill.

Turf Sand | Fine 1mm Sand | The Sandbag Store

Turf Sand – 20Kg Bags. We have three different types of sand to choose from and your choice will depend on the specifications of the manufacturer and your time and budget. All the sands are finely graded and will do the …

Spreading sand with a fertilizer spreader | Lawn Care Forum

Saves the back a little and also never clogs or fails. :mrgreen: Spreading sand in a spreader needs bone dry sand. I've done it and it can be done ("disposable" big box Scotts spreader works fine) but dry sand is too expensive. Around me, washed mason's sand is $40 per yard delivered. Dry sand is $225 per yard.

The Complete Guide to Artificial Turf Infill

If you don't have a spreader, you can spread it by hand as evenly as possible. Finally, use a stiff-bristled broom or power broom to work the infill evenly into the grass blades. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the infill is fully installed, and then wet down the area to get rid of dust and allow the infill to settle.

Dropspreaders & Synthetic Turf

August 30, 2022. A drop spreader is crucial to have for installing synthetic turf correctly. Placing infill into synthetic turf creates ballast and provides longevity to the system. There are many types of drop spreaders that …

Why Use Silica Sand On Artificial Turf | Applications as Infill

A quality of silica sand infill is that it helps add stability to the fibers of artificial turf grass blades. This helps keep the grass blades stand upright, giving the artificial grass a more natural and three-dimensional look just like natural grass. If the grass blades are not stable, they will droop down after a short period of time and ...

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Tags: sand spreader, synthetic grass maintenance, Drop Spreader, Sand Drop Spreader, Artifical Grass Sand Drop Spreader. PRODUCT FEATURES • 30.5cm diameter 5-spoke semi-pneumatic wheels • 30kg hopper capacity • Product weight 6kg • Accurate 56cm width drop swath • Epoxy coated chassis

Artificial Grass Brush Machine

The Infill Drop Spreader divides the sand equally over the artificial turf field. The amount of sand can be adjusted with the lever underneath the handlebar. It can increase the productivity of any professional installation team, as it will dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to apply the sand dressing.

How to Install Artificial Grass for a Lawn That's Always …

Remove debris and anything that will create bumps. Measure and cut the artificial lawn. Lay the lawn down to check that it fits the location properly, and do any trimming or adjusting. If the you need multiple sheets of landscape fabric, use seam tape to connect it. Set the artificial grass aside. Spread lawn adhesive.

410SP Topdresser

We introduce to you the MultiSpread 410 SP. Engineered, designed, and tested by Earth & Turf, the MultiSpread 410 SP stand on topdressing spreader is quick, efficient and yardgate approved at 35-¼" wide. Our unique 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer system allows the operator to get as close to edges and corners as possible while spreading clean ...

HENKO 900 Sand Spreader

HENKO 900 Sand Spreader. The best way to quickly and accurately apply sand to synthetic grass. Our motorized sand spreader divides the sand and/or infill equally …

Ki Carma 20kg Synthetic Turf Infil Landscape Sand

Features. Assists in keeping turf bristles upright. Suitable for home and sporting fields. Keeps turf cooler by reflecting heat. Prolongs the life of synthetic turf and keeps it looking lush longer. Our Synthetic Turf Sand is double washed to remove dirt and dust and contains no contaminants.

During synthetic turf installation, a sand spreader is often …

During synthetic turf installation, a sand spreader is often used to evenly distribute infill material, such as silica sand, across the artificial turf surface. This infill serves several purposes, including providing stability, improving drainage, and creating a realistic playing experience by mimicking the feel of natural grass. ...

Extracting Sand From Astroturf

The most successful way to extract contaminated sand and the associated contamination from a sand filled synthetic grass pitch, or tennis courts is using a high pressure injection system to displace it to the surface for collection. Sweepfast has developed the Hydrofast System which […] (+44) 0121 747 9255

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The Purchase Green Drop Spreader is a fantasic tool for contractors and homeowners looking for a convenient, effective solution for adding infill to artificial grass. The drop spreader features a 65 lb capacaity hopper …

What Kind of Sand Do You Use for Artificial Grass? Sand for Artificial …

Sand for Artificial Grass: Types of Silica Sand Used. There are various grades of silica. These grades are determined by the width of the silica granules and correspond to the size of the grading sieve holes. ... A drop spreader is a tool that consists of a trough and a gradual release mechanism. They come in various types from hand …

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KS2800 Sand Spreader; Turf Aercore. LA-500 Turf Aerator; DK 120 Turf Aercore; Turf DK80 Aercore; Drag Brush. KS60 Green Brush; TB220 Turf Brush; TB120 Triangular Artificial Turf Brush; Turf Roller. GR100 Turf Roller; TKS Series Turf Roller; TKSV-72 Turf roller; Verti Cutter. VC67 Vertical Cutter; TVC83 Three Gang Verticutter;

Installation Instructions

Using a drop spreader for sand infill-The drop spreader is used to evenly disperse sand infill into the turf fibers. Approximately 1.5 – 2.0 lbs per square feet of silica sand is recommended for standard installations. Fill your drop spreader with sand and start at one corner of your lawn just like spreading fertilizer on natural grass.

6 Top Reasons to Add Sand Infill to Your Artificial Grass

Keep the Fibres Upright. Sand infill adds stability to your artificial grass fibres. Improved stability helps the fibres to stay upright, giving your lawn a neat and presentable natural look. Using infill helps to adjust the bending point of the grass blades, reducing the fatigue effect where the blades lay down more.

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